In this class your child will develop a basic understanding of all things Acrobatics. We will work on the development of their physical strength skills, such as forward rolls & cartwheels, as well as basic motor skills and co-ordination. Specialised warm-ups and stretches will help to prepare their young bodies to build strength and basic acrobatics skills/knowledge all within a tailored 1-hour sessions. Each week they will cover different skills, drills and exercises to keep them engaged while building an all-around confident acrobat from a young age. 

Suitable for Ages: 3-5

Class full


Term 3

$202.00 / Term

Per term (inc. GST)

Frequently asked questions

For any inquiries, questions or concerns please contact our friendly administration team via our email – We ask you avoid contacting our phone number unless for urgent matters, emails will be seen just as quickly. 

ACROFIT’s colours are black and orange. We encourage students to wear these colours with their ACROFIT t-shirts which are available at reception. Crop tops are encouraged for students ages 10+. 


  • Leotard/crop top
  • Shorts/Tights/Pants 
  • Hair pulled back 
  • No jewellery
  • No shoes or barefoot inside the studio  
  • Sneakers for Strength & Conditioning


T-SHIRTS: Child $30 & Adult $40

JUMPERS: Child $45 & Adult $55

SOCKS: $5 

Term 1 (9 weeks)
29th Jan - 28th March
(Easter long weekend make up for Friday and Saturday students will be the held on the 12th and 13th of April)

Term 2 (9 weeks)
15th April - 15th June

Term 3 (9 weeks)
15th July - 14th September

Term 4 (9 weeks)
7th October - 7th December

ACROFIT is a recreational programme that encourages students to focus on their own growth at their own rate without the pressure of concerts or competitions. ACROFIT has been designed to give your child the skills to build their strength, flexibility and fitness in a fun and non-competitive environment. These are all skills that can be transferred to any other sport or activity. 

We hold PARENT VIEWING sessions twice a year, typically at the end of Term 2 & Term 4. This allows you to see the progress your child is making in a stress free environment without all the fuss. Week-to-week classes we can’t allow parents to watch as we need the full attention of every student to ensure everyones safety. 

If your child hasn’t mastered a standing backflip on the floor, please enrol in the correct age group. A reminder we work on each students level is within our Tinies, Pre-Junior, Junior and Teen class. 

We are unable to accommodate for trial classes, however if you contact our friendly administration team, we can arrange a time for you to come down to the studio and a member of staff will show you around and answer any questions you might have. This is a great way to introduce your child to a new environment prior to commencement.