About us

After having children of her own, the importance of fitness and fun awakened a dream and vision Director Jacqui Tana has always had. Jacqui has been in the dance industry ever since she could walk and with more than 25 years teaching experience, she comes with extensive knowledge in the field.


Our ACROFIT team is comprised of 7 main teachers who all come from a dance, acrobatics, gymnastic or sport background. With the combined knowledge, we are able to guide your child to learn healthy and fun habits to create an all-around active lifestyle for them. Having 4 or more teachers in every class allows us to work closely with each individual student at a level and pace suited for them to avoid anyone feeling overwhelmed or pressured. ACROFIT was created to help kids get fit in a fun and safe environment and our teachers are an embodiment of the ACROFIT philosophy.

ACROFIT Programmes

The health and fitness of growing children is a priority in any parent’s life. Children need to run, jump and play and at ACROFIT we encourage this and so much more.

ACROFIT is designed to support and teach school-aged children how to keep fit and have fun at the same time. We believe that through promoting a healthy lifestyle from a young age it gives children an opportunity to create positive habits to carry on into adulthood.

The ACROFIT programme will give your child the skills to build their strength, flexibility and fitness in a fun, encouraging and non-competitive environment. The skills learnt at ACROFIT can then be transferred to any other sport, school-based activities, and beyond.

For all ages

Our classes have been specifically designed for all age groups. Students will be assessed on skill level and put into the appropriate levels within their class. Acrobats requires balance, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination as well as endurance, control and stamina.

With no competitions, concerts or exams – our students are able to set their own goals without any added pressure. Rest assured our students are taught the right technique and execution with the added safety of tumble tracks, air tracks and matted floors.


Our experienced and fully qualified teacher’s work with all abilities to bring out the best in each child and encourage them to enjoy getting fit and being active. At ACROFIT our aim is for all students to fully enjoy each class and develop their skills what ever the age or ability.